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The quickest way to get the rush of a lifetime is to jump from an airplane flying 10,000 feet above the ground with our Accelerated Freefall program! For many new jumpers that have already been on a tandem skydive, the adventure is too exciting to want to stop there. Instead, you think that maybe you would like to become a licensed skydiver with the education and ability to skydive whenever you want. Our expert instructors can assist you in learning the skills needed to make a career out of skydiving. After completing our AFF course you will have the chance to grab that solo skydiving experience you crave. You can skydive on your own without being attached to an instructor from your very first skydive. All you need is an USPA "A license," and you are free to make solo skydives at any dropzone without a jumpmaster. How cool is that?

Expect to meet many different people and conquer any fear of heights through your professional skydiving instruction. As an AFF student, you will learn the skills to skydive with other people and learn the best way to pack your main parachute. You will feel like you can do anything once you have been trained and become a certified skydiver; the sense of accomplishment knowing that you can skydive from the greatest heights and you are comfortable in the air is priceless.

Requirements for our AFF Training Programs

As AFF is a strenuous and demanding course, it is necessary that people fulfill the following fundamental criteria:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Be physically fit sufficient to manage the chute and landings.
  • Be under a max weight limit of 240 lbs.
  • Be medically cleared by a physician if you are affected by some conditions.

Obtaining your USPA License.

The initial stage of an Accelerated Freefall training program involves a couple of ground instruction classes, accompanied skydives (by AFF instructors) and thorough debriefings. It is designed to assist the novice skydive quickly and safely using the most up to date training methods and tricks. Expect to learn how to maneuver your body, release the parachute correctly and the best way to land safely. Once the trainer is certain that you've learned the best ways to safely jump and land, you will have your first AFF class skydive accompanied by two trainers who will fine-tune and perfect your form in the air. As you advance through the levels, your trainers will be monitoring your growth. You will be expected to master more on body control during freefall as you progress to more advanced levels. Additionally, you will be assisted through more advanced skills and techniques like airplane spotting, gear checks, canopy packing and regaining stability after moves such as back loops, flips and gliding.

Level six is your first completely solitary skydive. Having said that, before getting started on this, you must show that you can properly and safely execute a skydive from beginning to end. Your jump master will watch you from a distance and evaluate how well you manage your movements, observe safety protocol, deploy the chute and land; if you pass, he will supply you with a certificate of successful completion. As long as you have met the requirements of the course by completing 25 jumps and the activities that your trainer has provided you, you're qualified to obtain your USPA 'A' license.

An Introduction to the USPA.

The United States Parachute Association is an association that involves itself with many aspects of skydiving. They provide skydiving licenses ranging from an "A level" (earned after 25 skydives) to a "D level" (earned after 500 skydives) and represent a progressive level of achievement and expertise.

Earn Your License!

Your skydiving journey starts here. Sign up with us right now and let us assist you in earning your skydiving certification. No previous expertise is required. Start on a new quest and reach for the sky with sky diving certification with Skydiving Near Pasadena!